Julie Nellenback Henry/ contemporary multi media artist wtih a focus on painting

Email: artistnell(at)gmail(dot)com

Currently working on: oil paintings , ink paintings on paper, mixed media drawings with collage on paper, leather wall hangings, assemblage sculpture and constructions

Other artistic pursuits: printmaking, letterpress, leather jewelry

Earliest influences: Thornton Dial,  Jean Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, Francesco Clemente

Current Influences:  Joan Mitchell, Jorge Queiroz, Leonardo Drew, Charline Von Heyl, Amy Sillman, Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeois, Conrad Marca-Relli, James Baldwin, Tomas Transtromer and Robert Rauschenberg. 


I was greatly influenced to start making art after seeing a large scale work by the late Mr. Thorton Dial. This dimensional painting depicted a red tiger with old carpet applied to the surface creating a fur texture. The unrestrained urgency in the work as well as Mr. Dial's use of garbage as material for art made a huge impression on me. My experience with that particular painting marked a defining moment in my early adult life. It was the moment that I realized the power of art. 

Reagrding my work today:

I do not have a signature style. I am not a brand. I strongly believe that as an artist it is my responsibility to deepen the mystery and to maintain a nonconformist stance no matter the consequence.

For me, making art is an exercise in trusting myself. My goal is to be as unrestrained as possible in the work. I feel like I am always holding back and I don't know why and I don't like it. 

 Recent notes from my sketchbook -

 What is it that compels me to keep painting and to continue making marks?

Am I trying to organize something? Explain something? Find something?

( like a complex calculation or treasure hunt or how the earth looks from the highest mountain )

 Am I trying to remember something?

 Recent notes from the wall of my studio -

 Who am I in regards to this work?





In pieces / parts



Seeking a safety or security that does not exist

Not sacred / not fragile

Not precious

Letting go in order to evolve

Thinking a lot about shape