Julie Nellenback Henry/ contemporary multi media artist wtih a focus on painting

Email: artistnell(at)gmail(dot)com

Currently working on: oil paintings , ink paintings on paper, mixed media drawings with collage on paper and leather wall sculptures 

Other artistic pursuits: printmaking, letterpress, assemblage sculpture, leather jewelry

Earliest influences: Thornton Dial,  Jean Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, Francesco Clemente.

Current Influences:  Joan Mitchell, Jorge Queiroz, Leonardo Drew, Maggie Davis, Charline Von Heyl, Conrad Marca-Relli, James Baldwin, Tomas Transtromer and Robert Rauschenberg. 

Artist Statement:

I was greatly influenced to start painting by seeing a large scale mixed media work by the late great Thorton Dial. The dimensional painting depicted a big red tiger with old carpet applied to the surface for texture.  The passion and unrestrained urgency in this work struck a deep chord in me. My experience with that painting stays with me and today I can see that it was a defining moment in my early adult life. It was the moment that I realized the power of art. 

Reagrding my work today:

I do not have a signature style. I am not a brand. I strongly believe that as an artist it is my responsibility to deepen the mystery and to maintain a nonconformist stance no matter the consequence. I don't know how many times I can reinvent myself in a lifetime but I hope to meet the largest quota allowed.

For me, painting is emotional and an exercise in trusting myself. My goal is to be as unrestrained as possible in the work. 

 Recent notes from my sketchbook -

 What is it that compels me to keep painting and to continue making marks?

Am I trying to organize something? Explain something? Find something?

( like a complex calculation or treasure hunt or how the earth looks from the highest mountain )

 Am I trying to remember something?

 Recent notes from the wall of my studio -

 Who am I in regards to this work?





In pieces / parts



Seeking a safety or security that does not exist

Not sacred / not fragile

Not precious

Letting go in order to evolve

Thinking a lot about shape